Our Team


At The Sneaker Store in New Hartford, NY, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. This couldn’t be accomplished without our quality team of fitness enthusiasts. Each are extremely knowledgeable about the products we stock in our store.


For over 30 years, The Sneaker Store has served the Utica and Mohawk Valley community as the premiere athletic and pedorthic footwear headquarters. We are proud to be locally owned and operated, offering unmatched customer care and product knowledge. We carry the latest and greatest in athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories for the family, and our staff is carefully trained to achieve the best possible fit to keep you comfortable in your shoes whether you’re running, walking, hiking, racing, or working.

We believe it is our responsibility to encourage healthy and active lifestyles in our community (and we even think it’s fun!). At The Sneaker Store, we participate in sponsorships, workshops, and races, and we offer team and group promotions (just ask!)

We invite you to join us for a group run, yoga class, runner safety seminar, or one of our upcoming races and growing list of events. We’re also very excited to be able to offer training groups and run coaching (contact us for details).


Josh & Morgan Belisle



Joshua Erik Moeckel

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I’ve been a runner since the 7th grade, competing in both cross country and track
Go-To Running Shoe: Brooks Ghost
Gear You Can't Live Without: Nike split shorts
Hobbies: Running, video games, and food
College Studies: Psychology
Personal Motto/Funny Fact About You/Advice to Runners: “Fake it ‘til you make it”
Favorite aspect of your job: Being able to talk with customers about their running and helping them with their running needs

Josh Belisle

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I’ve been running since high school and ran competitively at MVCC and SUNY Geneseo. I like running all distances and completed my first marathon in 2017.
Go-To Running Shoe: Hoka Clifton or New Balance 1080
Gear You Can't Live Without: Buff and Garmin Forerunner 235
Hobbies: Golf, Soccer, Hiking, Running
College Studies: SUNY Geneseo – Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mathematics
Personal Motto: “Consistency is the #1 ingredient to success”
Favorite aspect of your job: Store events and community races

Geoff "Bday" Hale

Running/Fitness History/Habits: UCXC Alum / Boston Trainee
Go-To Running Shoe: My go-to is the Hoka Clifton…If you get a chance to run on a cloud, wouldn’t you just take it?
Gear You Can't Live Without: Swiftwick socks and a Spi Belt!
Hobbies: Hockey, snowboarding, and music
College Studies: Minor in history and a Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity with a focus on digital forensics
Personal Motto: This comes from THE coach – “Seven days without running makes one weak.”
Favorite aspect of your job: Conversation; getting to know you so that I have one more friend on race day

Morgan Belisle

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I started running when I moved to New Hartford and trained for my first Boilermaker in 2011. I continue to run for fitness and that precious “me time”.
Go-To Running Shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider
Gear You Can't Live Without: AfterShokz Trekz Air (when running alone!)
Hobbies: Hikes with the family, playground time with my kiddos, and girls’ nights
College Studies: SUNY Geneseo Alum – Bachelor’s and Master’s in Spanish & Adolescent Education
Personal Motto: “Anything in life worth having is worth working for.” – Andrew Carnegie
Favorite aspect of your job: Discovering new brands and products to help people run more comfortably, safely, and stylishly so they are more likely to stay active

Erik Winberg

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I ran XC and track, indoor and outdoor, in high school and at Utica College for 4 years. I completed 2 sprint distance triathlons in junior and senior year high school. Strength training with sport focus for 8 years starting in high school.
Go-To Running Shoe: Saucony Kinvara
Gear You Can't Live Without: Swiftwick socks
Hobbies: Skiing, sailing, playing piano, hiking, studying
College Studies: Bachelor’s in Health Science with a minor in Bioethics from UC. Currently studying PT in the doctoral program at UC.
Personal Motto: You never know how many miles you’ll have run while chasing a dream. Thus, we run by faith, not by sight of the finish line.
Funny Fact: I look like an old man during the first mile of my warm-up.  It’s rough.
Advice to runners:  The best training routine is the one that is multivariate. Aerobic, anaerobic, strengthening, multiple sport, recovery, flexibility, etc. Best to be a jack of all trades than a master of one.
Favorite aspect of your job: Helping customers through my knowledge of products, to enjoy their favorite physical activity, reach their goals, and increase their performance.


Sharon Scala

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I’ve only been a runner for about 8 years, but now it’s almost a daily thing. I love to run, walk, and go to the gym.
Go-To Running Shoe: Brooks Ghost
Gear You Can't Live Without: It might sound odd, but it’s my phone. All of my music is on there. Recently, I’ve added audio books to mix it up.
Hobbies: Anything I can do with my two sons. I’m a huge animal lover so I love spoiling my dog.
College Studies: I studied cosmetology at Utica Career Institute. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist.
Fun Fact: I’m powered by titanium….hip that is!

Advice to Runners: Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t run. Five miles at 6 minute pace or 15 minute pace is still 5 miles!
Favorite aspect of your job: Learning something new about being a runner almost every single day. New products, gear and advice from runners that visit our store daily.


Scott Young

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I cut my athletic teeth playing soccer, and running is recreational for me more than competitive. I enjoy hiking and kayaking.
Go-To Running Shoe: New Balance Minimus
Gear You Can't Live Without: Massage tools, trigger point stuff
Hobbies: Photography, Drawing, Painting, Carpentry, Carving
College Studies: Advertising at MVCC
Favorite aspect of your job: It’s like a puzzle; I enjoy trying to figure out what’s going on with someone’s feet and helping them overcome issues through problem-solving.



Kaitlyn Phillips

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I’ve been running since 7th grade, I ran track as a sprinter up until my junior year, then I began running long distance and cross country
Go-To Running Shoe: New Balance 880s
Gear You Can't Live Without: Headbands
Hobbies: Horseback riding and hiking
College Studies: English major focusing on teaching the visually impaired
Personal Motto/Funny Fact About You/Advice to Runners: “Convince yourself!”
Favorite aspect of your job: Communicating with different customers with different needs while also sharing a passion for running



Richard Karaz

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I rarely skip a day for doing a workout be it on 2 feet, 2 skis or 2 wheels. Why? Several reasons; first the competitor in me. Numbers on the back hip? That would be the bike and that has been happening for over half of my life. Number in the front? That would be the run and that too has been happening since the early 80's. Other reason? Your health and fitness is a gift. Don't waste it, have a blast with it every day.
Go-To Running Shoe: The Adidas Supernova ST is my new jam.
Gear You Can't Live Without: If I can live without it, we don't stock it!
Hobbies: It's sort of weird to encounter an endurance athlete who is also a motorhead...or as Jeremy Clarkson would say, a petrolhead. Make no mistake; I've very selective in this department. I do after all, have an image to uphold.
Personal Motto:To sit and contemplate your effort post-race, many of us have a tendency to be tough on ourselves. What's great about endurance sport, you kind of know where you stand before the gun goes off. Still, you need to race. I try not to forget this when it comes to pacing be it marathon or a headbanger of a bike race (do I need to define headbanger? Ask me in person), if you know you're going to make it to the finish, you didn't pace hard enough. If you know you're not going to hold on to the finish, you went too hard. If you're thinking you aren't sure whether or not you'll hang on, you're pacing just right!
Favorite aspect of your job: Geez, I've been doing this for so long and would you believe me if I said I never woke up regretting that I had to go to work? Never. That's the truth. I honestly consider myself fortunate to be involved in such a great industry with so many great people and customers. If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life, right?



Sam Lee!

Running/Fitness History/Habits: UC track and XC alumni but now consider myself a warm weather runner (I'm such a baby in the winter!!)
Go-To Running Shoe: Mizunos, for sure!
Gear You Can't Live Without: GU Chews!! because they get me through those long runs
Hobbies: I'm a puppy enthusiast.. I'm OBSESSED with my two doggies!
College Studies: International Studies at Utica College
My running motto is: Run first, then cupcakes!!
Favorite aspect of your job: Free gear? Just kidding. I love being part of a running staple in our little community!



Jenessa McCabe

Running/Fitness History: I’ve been running competitively since I was 11 years old, both Cross Country and Track and Field. I am currently running both XC and T&F at Utica College. I would classify myself as a mid-distance runner, focusing on the 400m and the 800m races, as well as a retired triple jumper. 
Go-To Running Shoe: Mizuno Wave Inspire or New Balance Vongo 2
Gear You Can't Live Without: CEP compression socks
Hobbies: Drinking a nice cup of coffee, painting/sketching, and finding new ways to make people laugh or smile, preferably through a good pun.
College studies: Bachelors in Health Studies. Looking to start the Physical Therapy doctoral program at UC this summer.
Personal Motto: “Be a savage today, not tomorrow!”
Favorite aspect of your job: It’s great getting to meet new people every day and I love helping people love running/being active even more through the perfect pair on their feet.



Martin “Marty” Johnson

Running/Fitness History: I’ve been running since the early 1970’s and have served as a fitness trainer for the NYS Police (retired). I was also a trainer at The Fitness Mill from 1998-2008 and have five marathons under my belt.
Go-To Running Shoe: Brooks Adrenaline since 2007
Gear You Can't Live Without: Sturdy trail shoes
Hobbies: Crosswords
College studies/Previous Employment: MVCC 1975-76 & 1980; NYS Police 1984-2007
Personal Motto: Every run from one mile to one hundred miles begins with the first step!
Favorite aspect of your job: Interaction with our customers and fitting them with the best shoe possible.



Karen McDaniel

Running/Fitness History/Habits: I began running after graduating from college. I have over 30 years of experience as a competitive distance runner.
Go-To Running Shoe: Brooks Ghost
Gear You Can't Live Without: My Garmin
Hobbies: Gardening 
College Studies: Criminal Justice and Sociology
Personal Motto/Funny Fact About You/Advice to Runners: I am a retired Department of Corrections and Community Supervision employee. I've always thought working at The Sneaker Store would be the "dream" retirement job, and it is!
Favorite aspect of your job: Interaction with not only runner/athletes, but also with people who just want to feel better physically.




Running/Fitness History/Habits: I may not run, but I sure can chew a box well
Go-To Running Shoe: I embrace the barefoot (bareclaw?) movement, but don’t generally recommend it for humans
Gear You Can't Live Without: Treats from Scott
Hobbies: Squawking during store videos and keeping an eye on Rich
College Studies: I’m considering studying human psychology
Personal Motto: “Why walk when you can fly?....err…I mean….run!?”
Favorite aspect of your job: Snack time