Find your why...Heroes

by Martin “Marty” Johnson

Editor’s Note: Uncle Marty is one of our MVP’s at The Sneaker Store! You can read more about him here. We’re excited to have him back with us after a few years away down south (you know, where it doesn’t snow six months out of the year!). He’s been kind enough to write a blog that is part of our FIND YOUR WHY series where we’ll share some thoughts and stories that help keep us motivated. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life; in work, relationships, fitness, etc., the “why” can be just as important as the “what”. Maybe you have a “why” that keeps you going daily, and maybe you consider a new “why” for every workout. Explore some ideas along with us…and stay tuned for future installments!

Think back to your youth, and your heroes were in comic books. (Avengers, Hulk) or television starts (Batman, Superman)…Alright, I am dating myself, but you get the point.

As we got older, our heroes were sports figures (Dr. J, Derek Jeter, Mark Allen).

I would like to present some of my later-in-life heroes:

  1. My wife, Carol, who has bravely and steadfastly endured two+ years of constant (24/7) unexplained dizziness and all the tests, scans, MRIs, etc. to try to locate the cause.  She has been a real trooper, and God willing, we will persevere.

  2. Scott, who, with his wife Sharon, adopted his niece, even with his two boys being grown and heading off to college. All while being an outdoors-man, artist, and runner – A real great attitude and a wealth of knowledge.

  3. Rich, who was able to take the incredibly hard step of passing on what has been his “baby” since the early 1980’s. Even though its in good hands, it must be hard to let it go. But, his legacy will live on. Enjoy retirement (semi!) – you have earned it!

  4. Last, but not least, Josh and Morgan. With everyone from my generation bemoaning the Gen-Xers, these two are a beacon of hope. Full-time jobs, landlords of rental properties, small business owners, and parents of two beautiful boys. All this going on and they both have a wonderful attitude and a smile on their face. They should be held up as examples that the future is in good hands.

Thank you to all my heroes who don’t think of themselves that way…and that makes them all the more heroic.

God Bless,

Martin “Marty” Johnson

P.S. Thanks everyone for welcoming me back to The Sneaker Store!

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