Aftershokz Headphones: A Product Review from a Skeptic

by Josh Belisle (Okay, let’s be real, Morgan too)

I’m the most unlikely user of a pair of headphones while I’m running. If you’ve ever gone for a run with me, you know that I run next to you talking at you for the entire run, be it 30 minutes or 3 hours. I prefer to run with a friend or group or just listening to ambient sounds. I tried a stint of running with headphones circa 1999, but it was short-lived. One or two runs. Headphones just didn’t work for me, and I’m a music fanatic. I found headphones to be uncomfortable and confining. Wearing headphones, I would lose the sense of where I was. My senses felt dulled. I couldn’t fully feel my feet hitting the ground or hear the sounds of traffic and nature around me. They even made me feel claustrophobic (Morgan Edit: Getting a little dramatic here, Josh).

Fast-forward twenty years later: 2019

“Hey Morgs, let me try those things out!”

A momentous occasion… My first run with headphones in almost twenty years. Aftershokz Trekz Air for the win!

A momentous occasion… My first run with headphones in almost twenty years. Aftershokz Trekz Air for the win!

My wife had been raving about her new pair of Aftershokz Trekz Air. She got back from a run, and it was my turn to head out for a few quick miles before work. On a whim I decided to take them for a spin. And these things are incredible. They are not your average headphones. It was a no-brainer to bring these into the shop to make available to our customers and friends. We put together a list of our top reasons:

  • They are safe: This is number one. Aftershokz are open-ear headphones that work using bone conduction technology. You can hear all of the ambient noises around you including traffic, workout buddies, people and animals. They sit on your cheekbones, just in front of your ears but not in them. Safety is the most important aspect of running for our family and our business.

  • They have a 2-year warranty: When you invest in Aftershokz, you can do so without worrying. They are sweat-resistant and the sound quality it top notch. These are a quality-made product with excellent customer service.

  • They stay put: These things. don’t. move. For real. You can run, jump, twirl, bike, and they stay put. Gone are the days of dropping an ear bud and popping it back in over and over. They’re also wireless, so no cords to weave through your workout clothes!

  • They have easy controls: There are three buttons that allow you to pause a song or podcast, skip to a new one, answer a phone call (yes, there’s a built-in microphone to talk too!), and adjust the volume. Skipping a song without digging out your phone is awesome (especially when you’re not into your spouse’s playlist…).

  • They have awesome battery life: Both the Trekz Titanium and Trekz Air have 6 hours of  continuous play when fully charged. With our use, we have to charge them about once a week.

  • They’re right down the road: Aftershokz distributes nationwide, but the company is based right down the road in East Syracuse, New York. We love that we can work with a company that is so close – they can get products to us fast.

With Aftershokz, you also have options. Stop in and we can chat about the differences between the Trekz Titanium and Trekz Air, or if you’re interested in the wired Sportz model that is more affordable, we can fill you in about those too!

I know that I’ll still always be the guy ready to talk your ear off during a run, and now I can still be that guy…with background music.