You’ve made the resolution…You’ve set your goals…Now what!?

The holiday season is now behind us, and it is natural to view the new year as a new stepping off point. What might this mean to some? Yes; resolutions. Many of us make them and stick with them for a while with the enthusiasm of the new challenge but for how long? Unfortunately, the luster of the resolution often fades with the everyday distractions we all have.

There are 2 phrases which come to mind that can help remind you stick with the plan. Simply put, own it and self-belief.

By owning it, you’re committing. This is what it takes to make those lifestyle changes and achieve your goals. Getting to bed a little earlier, hitting the road even if it’s cold and windy, cleaning up that diet. Own it. Commit. Make it stick. Make it a habit. You’ve got to try, and sometimes try hard, which brings us to the other phrase of self-belief.

This is where you sometimes can’t go it alone. Friends and family have a role in this which is often more important than they’ll ever know. Their belief in you bolsters the belief in yourself. The value in group runs has a similar effect. As an example, Bill Moody of the Kuyahoora Kickers Run Club recently shared a story of a person who was committed to lifestyle changes and started with a fitness trainer. From there, she joined a few of their club runs. She was encouraged by the power of the ‘group effect’ and for 2018, she achieved a perfect attendance with the club training runs. The club believed in her and that made all the difference. They helped bring out that little voice within.

On a more elite level, our own Geoff and Erik have been inside the final kilometer with tough competition. That little voice has a limited vocabulary but what is says is all it needs to say. “2ndplace is pretty good… but nothing is like winning. You’re hurting, but so are they, and you’ve hurt a lot more in training. This is your chance. You can do it. Don’t fold.” That my friends, is the little voice within.

There is quote made famous by an iconic African marathoner:

The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.

Break that down and it’s quite simple. No one said it was easy, but it’s simple. You can do it with 2 words: commit and believe.