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Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

At The Sneaker Store in New Hartford, NY, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. This couldn’t be accomplished without our quality team of fitness enthusiasts. Each are extremely knowledgeable about the products we stock in our store.

Our Team


Ashton was a standout collegiate runner and her business degree is gaining her a foothold in the industry.

Jace L. holds running in such a high regard, he has a relationship with the mannequins. If it can't run with him, maybe they can talk running. Yes, it's that kind of place at The Sneaker Store.

Pamela is our creative department head. Her artful tastes help keep things looking good around the shop as seasons change.

The easy question is does Richard look like his mother? Mom is front center, and Rich is on your right. He promises to do his best to make sure Mom is proud, but his disclaimer is Mom's a pretty tough lady!

Ryan M. comes to The Sneaker Store with experience from the industry and the starting line. Twice he has been the area's top placed runner at the Boilermaker, and he lives to run. Currently studying for a Master’s degree in coaching, he can be found here at the shop slinging shoes. Please use a resource like Ryan to get advice and a fit from a pro. He is here for you.


Erik comes to the Sneaker Store as a long time customer and competitive runner. He is currently working toward a physical therapy degree and he would love to work with you for all of your running needs.

Sam B. comes from a running family and a competitive background as well. She'll be happy to work with you on anything from footwear to apparel.

Scott Y. basically runs the place. He's been with us for over two decades and knows the industry, foot anatomy, and how everything works together. He'll share his experience with you and guaranteed, you'll be pleased to the point of making an appointment for your next visit just to reserve time with him.

Josh B. has been with The Sneaker Store since high school. His day gig is college math professor but hey, for team and club needs, he's your guy, and you don't have to raise your hand to ask a question.

Todd S. is the second member of his family to be here at The Sneaker Store. When his brother Brian left we thought he could not be replaced with better. Behold: Todd. It's Brian but better and that's not because he laughs at Rich's stupid jokes. Todd cares a lot about his customers, his education, and his fitness which includes Endurance Paintball battles.


Contact us today at 315-736-9237 to ask our staff a question.