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Never Give Up!

In addition to sneaker knowledge, the employees at The Sneaker Store in New Hartford, NY, offer tips and advice on other life topics. Read employee Ryan Millar’s advice on setting and achieving goals.

I didn’t choose college because of what could be considered normal reasons. I chose where I went to college because of a coach. He is still, to this day, my coach and one of my best friends. He is the reason I coach. He has gotten me to the level I am at, and he shares my large aspirations to become a great distance runner. With that being said, the first lesson I would like to share is that no matter who surrounds you, no matter what goals you have, and no matter what happens along your path, the only person whose opinion matters is your own. You hold yourself accountable for your own goals. Make realistic goals that you care about meeting. Whether you meet those goals or not is up to you.

  • Surround yourself with people who share your goals
  • Never relent in your pursuit of your goals
  • Make everyday choices that continue to step towards meeting your goals

Now it is story time. I will take you back to my junior year of college at nationally ranked SUNY Plattsburgh. The time is early September and our team is back from summer training, fit and eager for the new cross-country season. Our coach calls a meeting sometime around midday. During that meeting he declares he is leaving to coach at another school. It didn’t hurt because I didn’t understand, but rather because I knew immediately that I wanted to transfer. However, I didn’t transfer. Despite my initial reaction, I gathered my men’s team (as I was captain) and said, “It’s our season. Our coach is never going to put on a singlet. We have goals to accomplish! Focus up and don’t let this negatively affect you.” Of course it ended up hurting us all, and most of the men’s and women’s team crumbled. I didn’t! I had a goal to accomplish and despite me being upset, wanting to leave in a way, and facing some adversity, I decided that it wasn’t going to stop me from accomplishing my goals.

Let me reiterate my lesson for you all: No matter what, set a goal (or goals) and never relent in your pursuit to accomplish your goals.

Step 1 – Make your realistic, measurable, and achievable goals.

Step 2 – Build yourself a network of coaches, friends, and stores/businesses that care and can help.

Step 3 – Work nonstop to accomplish goals. Stay focused in every area of training.


Thanks for reading,
Ryan Millar

"Yes, it can happen to you."

Blue sky, low humidity, temperatures in the mid 70's; perfect weather to go for a run or a ride. We leave the house expecting to return a little tired, a lot happier, a little more fit as well. We expect to return, our families expect us to return yet it doesn't always work like that.

I have a good friend who works at Road ID, the wearable ID marketed mainly at runners and cyclists. Clicking on their website, there are more than a few testimonials stating how grateful their loved one was wearing a Road ID when involved in a crash or had a medical issue while out on a run or ride and was not able to speak for themselves. It's a popular product which comes in different styles and colors. Frankly, every runner and rider should have a Road ID but oddly, not every runner or rider has one. More importantly, every runner or rider should never leave the house without one. We've all said it, "I'll be with so-and-so. We'll be fine." Your buddy knows your contact info but do they know your parents or your spouses contact info? We'll be fine. Really? Did you get that in writing? No? Do you know why? Because that doesn't exist.

Yesterday was that blue sky beautiful day and for a close friend and his family, it was/is a life changing day. He was seriously injured in a very heavy collision on his bike and a milk tanker truck. 911 was dispatched but without being able to speak for himself, his parents had no idea that their son was severely injured and was taking a helicopter ride to a hospital 50 miles away.  EMT's and first responders need to know as much as possible about the injured. It can make all the difference on so many levels.

May I personally encourage all of you to have a wearable ID and WEAR it. Your phone is helpful even with a screen lock with info but that can get smashed or flung away from you. First responders look for a wearable ID. It isn't a useless accessory and for the sake of your family, your lives can change in an instant from the unexpected. Get that Road ID, wear that Road ID, take advantage of other technologies such as the athlete tracking feature on your Garmin Forerunner. Your family will know where you are and they're alerted if you stop unexpectedly.

Stop in anytime, we'll be happy to show you how to engage the athlete tracker with your Garmin and we'll show you the Road ID options available right at our shop.

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